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Printed Truth
Came to know about this fundamental revelation after talking to Prateek who recalled Prof. Ganesh Devy** lectures

Writing was intended to document the truth.

Truth was supposed to be written.
Today, what is written is considered the truth.

After listening to above lines, I suddenly got an alternate perspective on Printing press - a tool to "manufacture" truth.

** i miss not attending any of the prof's courses :(

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Well the printed truth is a point of contention between societies that have textual culture and means to pass on culture vs oral cultures e.g. Is some thing written by higher authority the truth? (e.g. bank notes have RBI governer's signature, signatures in general) or something said often, by elders, by wise men truth? (like the tales, epics, legend, mythologies). And this contention pours over from textual vs oral to historic vs a-historic societies.

thanks for the addition :)

may i know u?

Isn't that what the new movie "Rann" tried to explain all along. Very dangerous as to what we write and what we assume written is true with the current media and communication ease.

i liked the concise the prof worded it
plus Rann only commented on the media
in recent days, i have come across some people who go too much by the book and references and therefore I found it necessary to write it :)

Seems like ....

these people who go by books are bothering u too much these days

Re: Seems like ....

may i know who is this akon ka sibling anon?

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