opening titles - 1

 with bollywood bound by its promise to make song-embellished movies
many a times, a nice song in the opening credit sets the mood of the audience from the start, not sure how much viewers' attention it grabs for the opening credits
at the same time, it saves the audience from one less forced song&dance sequence out of nowhere in the movie
and gives the song & company(music director, singers, choreographer, dancers etc) a chance to show what they got
E.g. Parineeta - [starts @ 3:28]

at times cartoon sketches are used, many a times related to movie in a way that portrays the theme/plot
Here is one example where the comic characters in the title sequences are directly related to movie - NOTE: cartoon sketch of the actors themselves, not just using the original spiderman cartoon
Spider-man-2 -

Se7en has some interesting title sequence with the right of music - it does work in getting the viewers ready for the meat

EVER came across an opening credit where they speak out the credits? (in theatre they do as its feasible)
Bawarchi -

title sequence for the sake of it
Enter the void -
flashes the text fast enough for anybody to make anything out of it

Inside man is the first movie I know of which uses a popular bollywood song for its opening credits
leave the lyrics, the song's music itself sets the tempo announcing with a BANG that here we are, get ready

The easy way from the hardcores

Now they are talking about reservation for "minority" citing the absence of it as a reason behind indian mujahideen ... I have a feeling that its not going to serve any purpose but political aspirations... if there is any reason terrorism, WE are surely part of it ...

Till our society doesn't overcome barriers like caste and religion, the poison will accumulate somewhere and come out in some form.

I know people who after studying in "elite" institutions and hailing from "elite" lines think that all lowlys must be eradicated and the first ones must be the terror labeled religions ...

TO People who think in that manner - Would this be your solution for the following problems too?

Problem - NCR unsafe for girls
Statistic  (lets say this is true) - Most rapists come from undeveloped regions like UP Bihar
Solution - Make them leave metros or kill them

Problem - There is lot of pickpocketing in local trains
Statistic (lets say this is true) - Most pickpocketers reside in nearby slums
Solution - Bulldozer the slums

Problem: Computer Viruses may enter your machine
Hardest Solution: Make your OS more secure, less vulnerable to viral attacks
Hard: Putting a good antivirus in place
Moderate - Put a firewall
Easy - Disconnect internet, allow no external storage 2 your machine;
NOT A SOLUTION?? ==> if most viruses are coming in doc format,SHIFT + DELETE all doc files

Replace VIRUSes with terrorists, machine with country(men) & please RETHINK

pissing thought

after a long time, philosophy is again seeping in the blood. Mosquitoes have started putting "beware" tags on such human beings with an added line "suck at your own risk, you may lose your sucking appetite". I can understand their plight. Nature has bound their food to such an activity that they can't afford the ethics virus in their blood. But do individuals too face such mosquito-like situation when they opt to cut their conscience fangs?

Are we really free to make choices? A lot of research questioning the existence of free will has been inconclusive but that's the cogsci part. What about our surroundings? 

For examples, toilet hygiene has come to mean flushing loads of water per person's one aromatic serving to the nature. if you start questioning the nature-friendliness of this task, you might be asked to visit the old green bro of the modern toilet. 

ps - btw, if you really want to experience a mosquitoes feelings, hear the song "pee loon" from the movie "Once upon a time in mumbai" ;) It wonderfully illustrates how much dear is the  sucking activity to a mosquito.
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IIT Kanpur - samachaar

There is this 'Sun' ..staring at my room ... dawn to it embraces with all the gentleness pulling me closer..rubbing me over...i lie down exhausted...... Next day again ..comes over and whispers.."Oh baby..we can start all over again" !! WTH !!!
Correspondent  - my friend tarun from iitk

Our Menu
drowning paneer, Swimming mattar,
combination that they make is utter
dosa dies a premature death
lies on thali like a deathbed
Curries' right to vegetables is snatched
Chillies are shot in the name of taste
people in the morning run to toilet in haste
Poories can be mined for oil
they can make varieties out of
potato roasted, potato boil
come IITK. try any of the above delicacy
Creativity is Our chefs' speciality
Correspondent - me

Life's geometry

It all starts from a point
from that first cell
from a date
from a time
from that moment of birth

lines start getting drawn
name, religion, identity
fate, face, associations
then gradually
rights and wrongs
marks and remarks
point you graduate
u know, a polygon has been drawn around you

For your EYEs to read

Attended a lecture on Energy sector condition (esp in U.P.) by a person (Mr. Rakesh Goel, an IT-BHU graduate) who has worked for almost 2 decades at grassroots level. He also holds industrial experience of working at various power plants.

Before going to my lecture notes, what Rakesh told has helped me decide how I want my dead body to be disposed off. I hope it will help you too.

Wood used in a funeral pyre - 350 Kg

Method of Funeral Pyreenergy consumed
traditional wood based funeral pyre1575 kWh
electric crematorium55 kWh
gas crematorium30 kWh
oil furnace< 30 kWh
solar crematorium (1 in Gujarat)ZERO
other methods - Graveyards are a waste of land, vultures are almost extinct 
alternative - bury the dead body in a forest and forget it. If you love the person so much in the first place, better serve him when he is alive.

I was anyway shortly going to sign for organ donation post-death.
Now, whatever remains after that, I would like it to be fed to forest.

I told it to some of my batchmates and their first reaction was - why worry about death now?
2nd worry - hospitals might get more interested in declaring them dead to obtain the organs.
3rd worry - who the organ would go to?
4th worry - when i die old, would it at all be useful to anybody else?
4th question - how much forest is being deprived because of funerals. if it is very less, why touch the religious sentiment. As per reports [1][2], India has 630,000 sq km forest left. Out of it, funeral pyres take away 2000 sq km every year!!! 5 out of 15 of our bio-reserves have area less than or equal to that.

I wonder whether the questions raised above should stop a person to sign for the cause of organ donation or "no funeral pyre". I only see it in one way - "MY ORGAN that would have gone waste MIGHT SAVE A LIFE" PLUS "I would not want to be a polluting SINNER TO NATURE at least when I DIE. TO ME NATURE IS THE CLOSEST GOD CAN BE TO US"

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For Jacks and Macs

not bound by social deadlines
abound with ambitions
ready to take the plunge
with a working heart and sound mind
not blinded by rage or social stigmas
wheat may be the color
but heart not black
that what you should choose Jack!
that what you should choose Mac!

Uncle and the Three Stooges (UTS)

Many a times, you meet characters that make you wonder - Has God decided to opt for biological warfare against mankind?UTS is one such example. The identity of stooges is only their names and rest is what Uncle says. Our dear Uncle possess these special fingers which he uses in every issue irrespective of his requirement. People get sick but so be it. What more a bio-hazard is designed for?

And then there are other characters who have vowed to have their own group till they own an island. There's nothing wrong in having a group but when people forget their broader identity, its time to look for the word ANARCHY.